Why you Need Car Key Duplication

Car keys have mysterious hidden lives. Sometimes they seem to teleport from where you last had them to under couches or to jacket pockets that you never wore. You will never understand the importance of having car key duplication of these disappearing critters. Until you lose them, that is. They also tend to fall about and end their lives long before you expected them to. Car keys snap, shatter or fall apart and generally give up the ghost at the worst times. You can also have a blonde moment and lock them in your car (usually when you have frozen groceries or a heatwave/rainstorm) 

They can be pinched from a counter or snatched with your briefcase. With car keys, anything can happen.) When it hits home that you need a duplicate key, it is often too late, and you will furiously mentally kick yourself while you search for another key. Save yourself the cost and drama, and make sure you have a spare set ready to go.


What Happens if you Lose your Car key?

If you got your car is an 80/90s model, this would be an irritation at most. If you were in the 80/90s when you lost your car key, you merely had to saunter up to your local locksmith and get another one cut. Living in post-electronic revolution times will be a bit harder to replace that darn key (and make you question whether the technology made our lives better.) 

For the same reason that the 80’s version of your keyless self could so quickly get a car key replacement, is the same reason why old cars were so easy to steal. With advances in security technology, car keys were swept along in the tide of progress. These advances make them more expensive and more of a nuisance to replace or if you are looking for the best and working car key duplication simply go to Crank Auto located at Upper Bonifacio St. Baguio City. 

Types of key Duplications

  • Pre-1997 car keys need only a key blade to be cut, and no programming is required. If no key code is provided, they locksmith might need to ‘decode’ your lock to get the right blade fit.
  • Transponder car keys with Non-Remote Function follow the same blade cutting process as above, but the transponder chip will need to be programmed to the vehicle.
  • Transponder keys with Remote Function will follow the above process but will also require the remote function reprogrammed.
  • Smart keys with interference and non-interference is a key that requires a driver to push the start button on the key to start the car. Non-interference allows the driver to start the vehicle without the key in the dash.

Infrared keys or IRs are used in Mercedes and Jeeps. They have no blade and are slotted directly in the dash and usually have an integrated remote function.

Car Key Duplication Cost Factors

Where you make your duplication will entail how much you will pay for your key. Some home depots offer a service for the blade, but they won’t be able to provide professional services to include reprogramming of keys with transponders and smart keys.The type of car key dictates how much you will have to pay to have a duplicate made. Keys with electronic features laser-cut blades or switchblade-style mechanisms will be more costly to duplicate.The type of duplication machinery necessary also comes into play. The more advanced your key is made technologically, the more you will have to pay.

1. Make Sure You Have a Duplicate

Request a duplicate key when you purchase a car directly from the dealership. This tip might seem like closing the barn door after the horse has escaped, but it is a good plan for future car purchases. If replacing your key at a dealership, request two replacements. That way, you won’t end up having to be back at square one when your keys wander off again.

2. Watch Out for Worn Car Keys

If you notice that your car keys are looking worse for wear, it is a crucial time to organize a duplicate key. Worn or damaged keys can cause damage to your ignition lock cylinder, which may involve expensive repairs or even replacement.

3. Try a Sturdier Set of Duplicate Keys

If you are very active or often find yourself having to replace your keys through wear and tear, you might want a sturdier option. Make a waterproof and shockproof duplicate set of keys that are hardier and generally have a longer shelf life. 

4. Use a Key Locator

Do people roll their eyes when you cry out, “I lost my keys!” Then you might be one of those repeat offenders who might benefit from a locator device of some sort. There are various innovative key finding solutions such as Bluetooth trackers with up to 200-feet range.

5. Replacement Keys Take much Longer than Duplication

To replace your car key takes longer than duplicating it. The locksmiths need to use to VIN code to hunt through the vehicle database to find the correct key. In emergencies, when they need to rush the process, you will end up paying more for your key to be made immediately. When you have the original present, the process is streamlined and accomplished quickly. 

6. You Save on Locksmith Fees

Locksmiths grow rich on people without duplicate keys. You can avoid having to pay these expenses by having your spare key handy in a crisis.


There are so many reasons why you need a car key duplication if you haven’t done so already. With all the perils you car keys face, making sure you have a duplicate pair of keys made is an urgent matter or simply contact Crank Auto PH